[Hazuki Kaoru] Antique Romantic Vol. 1 (Complete)

First complete manga repost. This was Nemui’s first completed tankoubon too. A nice and lighthearted read. There’s 2 more volumes to this series, so I’m looking for a translator to help me complete it. If someone out there is interested, do leave a comment. Otherwise, enjoy the reread. Anyhoos, a brief summary:

Komori Yuusuke is a 19 year old guy from the countryside. He traveled to the big city in order to study and work. He has a part time job at the most unusual place; an antiques store, but it’s not your average antiques store. The Bankokuya store deals mostly with sex toys from ancient Japan and this will lead to various bizarre situations almost always involving Yuusuke and some lady customer. It’s also worth mentioning that he has a crush on his boss Seiko Sakimiya who is 3 years older than him but she barely knows he exists.


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