[Ichitaka] Make Love to My Ass (Shinzui Summer ver. Vol. 2)

Shinzui Summer 2 - 024

And yet another edit of mine I did with Nemui. We picked this story out the Toranoana Anthology, Shinzui Summer Vol. 2. It’s another one of my favorite artists, Ichitaka (aka. Crazy9 for doujin work). The way he draws his girls makes them look like they’d be really soft if you touched them… anywhere. He gives them big breasts and big asses and I love him for that.

Anyway, about this story… I personally don’t consider it NTR from the way it ends, but it has its rage elements. You know, “dumb” girl who’s secretly a closet anal slut. So much so that she’s no longer satisfied by normal sex with her boyfriend, and is too afraid to tell him to fuck her in the ass for fear of what he’ll think of her. The unsuspecting boyfriend who knows not of his girlfriend’s secret anal slut side. And the group of thugs who are about to expose the girlfriend as the anal loving slut she is to the boyfriend in the worst way….

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