(Kouroumu 7) [Kamikadou (Ginyou Haru)] Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan 02 (Touhou Project)


The One Armed, Horned Hermit, Ibara Kasen, Two Oni, and a Faceless Guy.

Here’s a Touhou doujin that I finished a week ago which is now a part of LWB/TV’s 12 Days of Christmas releases. This is a joint project between Wrathkal of Team Vanilla and myself. Of course, I took care of the editing. In actuality, I picked this up to edit back at the end of October, but being that this was a full color doujin with nothing but transparent bubbles, the motivation to do it back then just wasn’t there lol. Which was to be expected since I did the same thing on two other doujins by this artist (a Reimu one and one with Yuuka, Tenshi, and Youmu). What can I say, they’re difficult, time-consuming edits. But I finally got it done. I even joined two of the double pages. Makes me feel like a good editor when joining pages lol. Anyway, continue on for the description and the link.

In any case, Ibara Kasen, one of Touhou’s newest characters, shows up underground in Old Hell to stop Gensokyo’s resident Oni, Suika and Yuugi, from engaging in an “impure relationship” with a faceless guy. Of course, they ignore her. Suika then takes on faceless guy in a “contest of strength” or so Yuugi and Suika call it, and soon, Kasen is forced into the contest unsuspectingly. She doesn’t seem to completely mind it though. Maybe a few too many of those Yasaka brand beers had something to do with that.


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