[Kiai Neko] Jii Ch. 1+4+10

Here’s 3 one-shot chapters from Kiai Neko’s Jii tankoubon. Incidentally, these were my first edits after joining up with Nemui. Such sweet memories T_T

In any case, the central theme in all three of these chapters is exhibitionism and masturbation. The first chapter deals with a teacher who is caught walking around naked by one of her students, then is blackmailed into exposing herself in more daring situations around school. The fourth chapter deals with a group of girls having a “masturbation contest” to see who gets to be the one girl in a foursome with three guys (their boyfriends). The most arousing act of masturbation wins. And chapter 10 involves a schoolgirl that wants to try masturbating in a different background: her own school.

Download Chapter 1 + 4 | Chapter 10

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