[Kikuichi Monji] Anal Backer (Complete)

Here’s another completed book reposted, Kikuichi Monji’s Anal Backer. It’s also another of my first edits when I joined Nemui. We only did chapters 3, 5 and 6 of this book though. Chapters 1-2 and 4 had been translated by Hentai-Empire and SaHa, respectively. In the case of SaHa’s translation, he had done his using the magazine scans, so I took his translation and re-edited it using the tank scans. So it’s all in glorious tank scan quality, just the way I like my H-manga *nod nod*

Anyway, this book has plenty of stuff in it, and as the title would indicate, there’s plenty of ass pounding to be found in here. The first chapter highlights that fact quite well with a girl, despite having hemorrhoids, getting fucked in the ass and getting off to that. Aside from that, all the chapters feature some rather rough sex. Four chapters feature schoolgirls, one chapter features a female teacher, and one features an office lady.

Complete Tankoubon

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