[Kon-Kit] Ane Gang-Rape (COMIC Situation Play Vol. 12)

So today’s another random release brought to you by Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. Those with a discerning eye might notice that the heroine in this one-shot looks familiar. If not, well, she makes her first appearance in the first chapter of Kon-Kit’s Honey Dip manga. Seems he went and made a bunch of chapters with her in it fucking guys other than her husband under various circumstances lol. This one-shot is in the same vein.

Anyway, the translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty was Malone of Munyu Heavy Industries (proprietors of a lot of nice exhibitionism stuff if, like me, you’re into that stuff). I took care of the editing as usual at Lasertym’s request. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T. Also, got a few more things I’ll be doing for him in due time.

Contrary to the title, this wouldn’t be what I would consider (as far as Hentai is concerned) rape. Basically, a few guys celebrating a college class reunion with Kaya and her husband get them both stupid drunk. Kaya’s husband falls asleep, leaving a drunk Kaya alone with a bunch of guys. They then proceed to take advantage. Commence drunken orgy!

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