[Kon-Kit] Honey Dip Ch. 1-4

Here’s chapters 1-4 of Honey Dip left unfinished thanks to Nemui’s disappearance. These are all one-shot chapters, with 3 out of 4 of them being quite silly. The odd one out is train rape. Chapter 3 is actually a re-edit. It was originally translated by Sling a long, long time ago.

As is sometimes the case with magazine-to-tank re-edits, things were changed. It was especially the case for this chapter. Whole pages were changed in the tank. Nemui was kind enough to help cover for those spots back then as well as double as a TL check. Sling also translated chapter 6 from this book. That’ll show up in the batch DL if/when I make it to the end of the book someday. In any case, here’s descriptions for the chapters so far if you care to reacquaint yourself with them.

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Chapter 1 – Ane Milk
Jun is studying with the help of Kaya, his private tutor who he’s known since he was a kid, when he notices that her breast milk is leaking through her shirt. After letting Kaya know, she goes to take care of it. When she’s done, she returns having not covered her breasts back up because her milk is still leaking. She continues to teach in that appearance, but poor Jun just can’t take it and eventually flips out. So in order to cope with the situation, he guilt trips Kaya until she lets him suck on her breasts. Of course, that’s not enough for him and he ends up forcing her into sex.

Chapter 2 – Snake Miko
This chapter follows a guy (with no name) who’s trying to make it to a shrine on top of a mountain. Tired from the all the stairs he’s climbed, he takes a piss break. Little does he know, that piss break is gonna cause him a whole bunch of problems when his stream of gold lands on top of a revered white snake. Needless to say, the snake retaliates by biting the source of the golden stream. Yup, that. But due to that, it lands him and his dick in the mouth of a young shrine maiden that found him collapsed. He soon finds out he was possessed by the snake after killing it and her and her grandmother are trying save him. Things are looking pretty good until the grandmother takes over, then things go down hill.

Chapter 3 – Immoral Diagram
Due to being the new wife on the block and peer pressure from the two (old) women of the Ladies’ Club, Tamayo is forced into Yamashita, the husband of one of those ladies, to take pictures and expose him for his supposed unfaithfulness. Having gotten on the same train as him, she’s immediately met by the hand of a molester. When she tries to save her camera from falling, she removes her jacket to make her sudden movement seem natural. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect and she’s surrounded by a group of men. She later finds out she’s boarded a molester-only train and she was the target.

Chapter 4 – TakoResu (Octopus Wrestling)
Because of her brute strength, Premiere Sawada is unmatched in the wrestling ring and holds many titles. Due to beating up her opponents so badly, the association is about to go bankrupt from covering the Doctors fees. So she’s gotta make money by being the fanservice which means wearing tight-fitting, revealing outfits for the spectators. In this match though, her opponent is different… Very different. It’s not human, actually. Her opponent today is an octopus. When fighting, Premiere makes one crucial mistake, she pisses the octopus off which of course lands her octopus tentacle rape.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

I intend to finish this project as well, but it’s On Hold until I can find a translator to cover for the remaining chapters. So the wait for the rest is gonna be a while.

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