[Kon-Kit] Honey Dip Ch. 5 (The Cheating Equation)

When you see it… It’s also relevant to the chapter ^_^

And here we go with another project back from the abyss. Again, thanks to Yoroshii for helping me revive Honey Dip. So, 441 days after the release of chapter 4 (according to MangaUpdates), here is chapter 5. A one-shot about a teacher and her student.

As mentioned above, credits for reviving yet another manga go to Yoroshii. I’ve also re-uploaded the previous 4 chapters as well. Links and Description below

Yamada’s teacher catches him cheating during a test, but due to the extremely peculiar method (emphasis on “extremely”), she wasn’t able speak up during the class. She pulls him aside after class to find the notes. It’s then that Yamada says that if she can’t find the evidence where she thinks it is, she has to take responsibility. She confidently accepts. So then, does she find the goods, or will she be ‘taking responsibility’…?

DL Link: Chapter 5

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