[Kotoyoshi Yumisuke] Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu Vol. 2 (Complete)

Here is my first full Tankoubon edit as an editor for Nemui. And for myself, it couldn’t have been a better artist to work on. I sure do love me some Kotoyoshi Yumisuke. He draws those big breasts that I love. The raw that we used was given to us by a kind person by the name of Setebos. He had initially planned to commission this, but upon seeing the way the story went (which most people should know about by now), decided against it. A few emails later, I had his scan and work began on it. I sure did enjoy editing this.

As for the story, it continues from the first volume, obviously (grab it from here Uncensored). So if you haven’t read that, you won’t know how and why the really busty Makihara Kozue and her not as busty as her, but still busty daughter, Makihara Sakura, are being blackmailed and raped by Jinguuji Naoya and how they end up getting raped by everybody else. But yea, all kinds of stuff happens in this volume that closes out this story, so see how it all ends (again if you’ve read it before ^_^).

Complete Tankoubon

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