(Kouroumu 8) [*Cherish* (Nishimura Nike)] Lolita Empress (Touhou Project)

001Loli Vampire Overflowing With Charisma~

So, after over a week of generally slacking off, here’s a new Touhou release for you all. This time, Remilia Scarlet takes center stage. What’s more, she’s donning her Curiosities of Lotus Asia outfit (if you’re aware of the difference. If not, it’s no big deal). Kind of a funny little piece involving Remilia finding a dirty book in the library, then kidnapping a poor human to try it with.

I’ve actually had the script for this since early December, before YQII went on his temporary hiatus, but due to aforementioned general slacking off, I only got to it just a few days ago. There’s quite a bit of things on my To-Do list suffering from that right now. Seriously, I’m terrible at managing my projects T_T

Anyway, this was translated by YQII. I handled the editing as usual.

With that said, Links and Description below.

So yea, upon finding a dirty book, Remilia promptly snatches up a human just for sex. But being her first time and all, she rushes in to it and ends up hurting herself. Getting over his impending rape, the guy decides to help her do it the right way, after all, it’s not often you get to fuck cute loli vampires. Turned out to be his mistake in the end, though lol.

DL Link: Sendspace | ExHentai

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