[Leopard] Futariyome Ch. 1-2 & 4-5

Hehe… I love this cover. Don’t you?

Alright, here’s one of my current ongoing projects. I had previously done chapters 1-2 & 4-5 with Nemui before his disappearance. But there’s good news! I’ve asked Yoroshii and he’s agreed to help me finish the last remaining chapters of this book. So expect to see the next chapter sometime in the near future.

Before that though, here’s the previous 4 chapters that Nemui and I had done. The whole book save for the last 4 chapters are one-shots. You can expect to see lots and lots of happy sex in this and lots of big breasts (except ch. 4… we’re teased with big breasts, but get a loli-centric story instead. Trolled!).

All of that in Leopard’s recognizable style and artwork. Note that chapter 3 was done by SaHa a long, long time ago. It’ll be packed together with the rest of the chapters when it’s time for the batch. Now for some descriptions so people can get reacquainted if they so choose.

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Chapter 1 – Fair-Hair, Twin-Tail
When out shopping, Nishiwaki catches sight of his classmate, Serizawa, shoplifting. Serizawa notices that he saw her, he rushes to make his purchase, but doesn’t turn her in. Realizing that, she decides to give him a “reward” for not telling on her

Chapter 2 – Double Bride
12 years ago, Hanta made a promise to the sisters, Kamio and Youko, so that they would stop fighting over him. He would choose which one of them he would marry. Well, 12 years have passed since then, and Kamio and Youko intend to have him make good on that promise. And what better time than to do that when all of their parents are away on vacation.

Chapter 4 – Fair-Hair Straight
While searching for something, Itou happens upon a photo album made by her husband. In it is a picture of her dressed in catgirl cosplay. From then on, she reminisces about her days (as a loli) when she first met her husband (then, teacher) and the times they shared having sex with each other.

Chapter 5 – Their Conversation
Batto wakes up to the sight of his step-sister, Eko’s, panties after she jumps on him. She was a timid girl back when they were just kids, but now not so much. When their parents leave a note saying they’ll be coming home late, Eko takes the opportunity to sit Batto like they used to back when they were younger. That is, right in his lap. Noticing Eko’s certain “developments”, he can’t help but get a boner and she notices it since it presses against her pussy. That’s when Eko reveals that she’s known about him getting a boner ever since she started sitting in his lap. Emotions overflow from then on.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

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