[Leopard] Futariyome Ch. 6 (Wife Cheerleader)

How about some cheerleader wives?

After a long, long, unintended long hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, here’s chapter 6 of Futariyome. Sorry about the long wait, but as you know, this was one of the projects that Nemui left behind when he disappeared. Once again, Yoroshii stepped in to finish this manga with me. Thanks a lot to him.

Frankly, it’s this chapter and the 3 to come that made me want to do this book. Nothing like some wife cheerleaders… Yes indeed. Oh, and it is cheating, but that’s not the point. Just a lucky guy getting a chance to do a wife dressed as a cheerleader.

And for a little more info about the chapter: Before going back to cheerleading, Hanaya goes to wash her face after accidentally drinking alcohol (which she can’t handle). She ends up in the men’s restroom and gets caught by Kurou. After seeing Hanaya up close in her uniform, Kurou can’t hold back his desires and suddenly attacks her.

DL Link: Chapter 6

And, if you’d like, you can go here to pick up the previous chapters. But there will be changes made throughout come time for the batch, just so you know.
Chapters 1-2 & 4-5

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  1. Thanks. Look forward to the rest. They’re in the works. And I’d have to say that you reading this chapter before would be impossible. Unless you read it in Japanese, that is.

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