[Leopard] Futariyome Ch. 7 (Wife Cheerleader 2)

Wife Cheerleader + Big Breasts + Glasses = Win!

Here’s chapter 7 of Futariyome. Translations courtesy of Yoroshii once again. This time, another wife cheerleader from the group of four we saw in the first chapter makes her formal appearance.

Honya goes to seek her husband’s approval of her in her cheerleading outfit only to get a very unsatisfactory answer from him (idiot husband). Later at her store, while still raging about what happened, Kurou comes to buy a book. When Honya goes to hand him the book after ringing it up, she notices that his gaze is focused on her breasts, and for good reason. Because she was so angry from before, she forgot to change out of her cheerleader outfit.

Upon realization, she lets out a scream that makes Kurou fall into a bookshelf and gets knocked out. When he comes to, he wakes up to the greatest sight ever. And after a few mishaps (including big breasts to the face), Kurou can no longer control himself in front of the voluptuous Honya.

Chapter 7

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  1. While I’m at it…

    Afro, on a note absolutely unrelated to the present post, look at what I found, marked as read probably by accident, I apologize for keeping the information from you for a long time, the name of the Hari Hari Honey chapters !

    Ch.1 Brother Complex (obviously enough)
    Ch.2 A wise man/gentleman came in his room?! (it’s a play on the words. wise man/gentlemen = what men feel like after ejaculation, it puns with the phrase “a wise man came into the room!”
    Ch.3 already has the title in english
    Ch.4 too
    Ch.5 if you wish to aim for the king?!
    Ch.6 the armored angels’ lewd banquet
    Ch.7 scramble oyakodon (oyakodon = slang for sex with mom-and-daughter)
    Ch.8 already has english title in the original text :V

    1. Actually, you have to forgive me for being an airhead.

      I have two BIG helpers on Hentairules when it comes to petty details (in my eyes, not in yours), 2Hip and you.

      And I forgot which one of you two asked for these details. I thought I remembered it was you
      – turns out I was wrong, it was 2Hip, then ! 😀

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