[Leopard] Futariyome Ch. 8-9 (Complete)

Onsen + Swimsuits + Big Breasts + Cheerleading Outfits + Orgy = FuckWin!
Marvel at the Double Page in Chapter 9 and be jealous of Kurou.

Since the Holidays were approaching fast, I decided to plow through the rest of Futariyome just so everyone could have some quality fap material for Christmas. Aren’t I a kind one? So yea, here’s the second Christmas release for you all: the last two chapters, and with that, the complete book. Hard to believe I started this with Nemui back at the end of January of 2011. And now we’re looking at the beginning of 2012. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

In any case, a big, huge Thank You again (and I mean it) to Yoroshii for helping me complete the rest of this. I’ll be looking forward to working with Yoroshii some more in the near future. Since I did go through and make some changes to previous chapters, I recommend you pick up the complete tankoubon as links to the individual chapters released previously don’t have any of those changes. And before I forget, Chapter 3, which was done by SaHa a long time ago, is included in the batch. So then thanks for all your patience and continue on for descriptions and links. Enjoy Christmas, everybody!

As for these two chapters, in chapter 8 (Wife Onsen), the cheerleading wives take a trip to an onsen, of course bringing Kurou along. After Hanaya and Honya get drunk and fall asleep, Kurou goes to soak alone in the onsen. Then the third (and until this chapter, unnamed) housewife, Yayoi, makes her move, appearing before Kurou in a micro bikini. Kurou, you lucky bastard!!!

And in chapter 9 (Wife Cheerleader Final), after catching Yayoi and Kurou in the act at the onsen and then finding out that the other two housewives had also done it with Kurou before too, Sakaya makes her move when she goes with Kurou to get something he left behind in his room. Wondering what’s taking them so long, the other housewives go to find them. And when they do, their suspicions are confirmed. But lucky Kurou, instead of making a big fuss about it all, they solve the problem with a huge orgy. Don’t miss that double page spread either. I was going to leave it alone, but then I thought it would be a crime not to join it. It’s pretty epic with all the married wife ass lol. And to top it all off, Kurou’s rewarded for all his hardwork at the very end. All I can say is…


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