[Manabe Jouji] Kanojo de Ippai Vol. 1 – Ch. 1 (Room 1)

Kanojo de Ippai 1 - 000a

Time for the start of another new manga. Today, I have the first chapter of the first volume of Kanojo de Ippai by Manabe Jouji. If you’ve read other works by him (namely, Ring x Mama), then you pretty much know what you’re in for. It’ll be an enjoyable ready, I’m sure, though. It’s a 3-volume series, so there’s a long road ahead, especially at my current rate of getting things done (blame schoolwork. close to graduating, after all), but I’ll do my best.

This time, the translation was handled by Ochimusha, who emailed me a while back about doing this project together. Needless to say, I accepted, now here we are.

Now then, on the subject of Real Life, releases by me will probably continue to be slow through April as I write up a paper and prepare for a presentation for my Chemistry class. As mentioned before, I’m close to graduating, and this paper/presentation is basically my graduation project, so I’m sure you can see where a good chunk of my time should be allocated at the moment. I’ll try and get a couple of things done this weekend, which will likely be the last releases up until I give my presentation mid-April. Good thing is, though, once that’s out of the way, I’ll have more time than I know what to do with. So, that is the current state of things as they stand.

Anyway, links and description below.

So we have Akira Toudou who’s all psyched up to begin his new life in his new apartment… but he is immediately met with disappointment when he finds out it’s been double-booked. So now he’s got quite an energetic roommate to deal with. And this is how this 3-volume story begins.

DL Link: Chapter 1 | E-Hentai

4 thoughts on “[Manabe Jouji] Kanojo de Ippai Vol. 1 – Ch. 1 (Room 1)

  1. It has been AGES since anyone has translated a Manabe Jouji manga! Glad u picked it up, tho its rare to see a hentai series with more than one volume, looking forward to seeing completed!

  2. @TheWonderer Rare indeed but there are a few artist that do and as you know Manabe is one of the few that do. Glad to see another one of his works getting attention finally.

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