[Miyabi Tsuzuru] Big Sis Playing with Water (COMIC Kairakuten 2005-08)


Here’s another short Miyabi Tsuzuru one-shot, this time from the August 2005 edition of COMIC Kairakuten. Yup, it’s an old one. Anyway, not much to say but that the TV Trope Exactly What It Says on the Tin definitely applies to this here short. No more, no less.

With that said, it almost feels like cheating putting my name to this since there is zero dialogue in this short. I only earned the right to slap my name on and claim it as a release by having to edit the very last page with Miyabi Tsuzuru’s comments about his cover lol.

In any case, this is another random release brought to you by Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. The translator who stepped up to claim it was KirbyDances of EHCove. I took care of the editing as usual. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T

As mentioned earlier, Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

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    • ChRno
    • Nov 16th. 2012 10:21pm

    Thanks ma man ! Wish can see more milf and incest in action ! 😀

    • zeeq
    • Nov 17th. 2012 8:43pm

    thought that was called “truth in advertising”. meh, what do I know?

    • That probably applies too (Don’t think I’ve run across the trope yet, though). But the title certainly tells you everything you need to know about this release lol.

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