[Miyabi Tsuzuru] In Bed with Your Desire (COMIC Kairakuten 2009-01)


So here’s the actual newest thing after my having to endure the aftermath of Hurricane “Kill All Humans On The East Coast” Sandy (i.e., This wasn’t done prior to me visiting the Dark Ages for 10 days). A short one-shot by Miyabi Tsuzuru who just so happens to be another of my favorite artists largely because dem bodies he draws on the girls! And he draws n grade A+ Milf too. Hell, the guy has grade A+ artwork in general, in my opinion. Certainly a feast for the eyes, that is, if you like your girls nice and healthy.

In any case, this is another random release brought to you by Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. The translator who stepped up to translate this time was Kuruwasan. KirbyDances of EHCove provided TLC/QC while I took care of the editing as usual. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T

No Links due to take down request, but a description is still available.

A simple story this time, an older sister and younger brother getting down and dirty while the parents are away on vacation. All is going well until Ryou gets a call from his mother… while he’s in the middle of fucking Matsuri. So, as you can probably already guess, they keep fucking while talking to her. But Ryou gets a bit uneasy when Matsuri and the mom start talking about a topic he’s not too fond of.

No Links due to take down request.

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