[Nagare Ippon] Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao (Complete)

Here’s the 3rd completed manga and unfortunately, the last under the Nemui-Afro Thunda regime. I’ve been a fan of Nagare Ippon since forever. Even if you don’t like him for some of his stories, you can’t deny the fact that the guy has some of the best artwork in the business. He’s a master of the Ahegao (the ever so recognizable “Fucked Silly Face”) and he draws plenty of anal too (my personal favorite fetishes among many, many others), so I’m always happy to see when he publishes new stuff.

Speaking of stories, where to start with this one… Well, if you haven’t read it and RAGED!!! yet, know that the first 4 chapters are hardcore NTR chapters. Especially the first 3 chapters which make up a single story. When Nagare draws NTR, he goes for the jugular. So if you’re not prepared for that, just skip to page 105. Chapters 5-9 are relatively clean with the last 2 chapters being the most vanilla out of everything, so the book’s not completely devoid of Happy Sex. That counts for something, yes? Also, chapter 5 was re-edited for this tank as it had been done by Biribiri when it was still a magazine scan. And chapter 6 (Sweet Predator) was translated by Anonygoo and edited by The Rabbit Reich (an interesting bunch of characters, those rabbits).

Complete Tankoubon

Also, over on the LWB side, Asou (the translator) and I were responsible for doing the cover girl’s story which appeared in Comic Megastore 2011-02. As you must already know, it’s NTR as well, but it’s far too short at just 12 pages. It was probably meant to be put in the this book, but I guess he didn’t make it in time or something. In any case, the title is also “Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao”.

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  1. Hoi, Afro. Gratz on getting your own spot up and running. I’ve always assumed, but are you the same Afro who’s been haunting the hentai byways for the last few years, always ready to offer a word of encouragement or helpful information?

    And what’s the primary difference between this compilation and versions I’ve seen other places? Just the re-edit of chapter 5 or is it all tank scans now or somethin’? Reposts of things you’ve had a hand it?

    1. Yup, I’m the same Afro who’s been floating around the scenes for the last few years. The same one who was there when you guys finished Soushisouai Note. I guess I’ve been around for quite a bit already and have already been editing for just over a year. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

      In any case, there’s nothing different between this version here and what you’ve seen elsewhere. This was something I edited back when I was working with Nemui. I’m just reposting it here since Nemui’s site died a while back. I had already done the re-edits back then.

    2. Nice, man. I thought it was too much of a coincidence for there to be TWO friendly hentai loremasters named Afro. I’ll be sure to come by occasionally and check to see what you’ve had a hand in lately.

      Too bad about Nemui. These online connections are so tenuous that you can have regular contact with someone, more than the the people you see face to face in your daily life, and then one day they’re just . . . gone. Same thing happened with me and Orph. He said over and over that he’d finish the main arc from Katekyo and eventually you realize you haven’t heard from the guy in months.

      I was just thinking that Nashrakh has been quiet for a while too, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

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