[Namboku] Family Planning (COMIC Kairakuten 2012-11)


So here’s the random release I mentioned a few posts back, courtesy of Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. This is a bit of a different piece. It’s definitely a situation where a wife would end up being NTR’d, but it doesn’t go there… or I guess it would be more appropriate to say that it doesn’t go all the way there. Also different is that the guy in the position of doing the NTR’ing isn’t trying to steal the wife away. No intent whatsoever. As for myself, this is a first. Not NTR in my book, hence the lack of an NTR tag, but I’ll let you all be the judge by the end of this.

Anyway, the translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty this time was Ackeejag of Pineapple’s r’ Us. I took care of the editing and QC as usual at the request of Lasertym. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T. I should have one more doujin release coming out to round out 2012. If not, well, enjoy the New Year. I know I will be~

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So yea, I mentioned this is definitely a situation where a wife would end up being NTR’d, under normal NTR circumstances, that is. Said situation is that Yayoi’s husband, Akihito, found out that he’s infertile, but he’s so bent on pleasing his father that he still wants to have a baby despite the news. And so, he turns to his brother, Fumiaki (dude’s got a perpetual poker face) to impregnate Yayoi in his place.

Naturally, Yayoi is against it (Fumiaki even defends her), but seeing how desperate Akihito is, she reluctantly agrees. That initial reluctance, though, happens to disappear after a while… Just remember “It’s all for Akihito’s sake! Getting turned on makes having a baby easier! That’s right!” As I said, you can be the judge, but not NTR in mah book. Most definitely cheating.

Does beg the question though, if you found out you were infertile, would you still be this desperate to have a kid, even turning to the one guy you trust the most in the world (be it a family member or otherwise) to do the deed for you?

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3 thoughts on “[Namboku] Family Planning (COMIC Kairakuten 2012-11)

  1. thanks a lot afro.
    to answer the question: there is a solution called “in vitro fertilization”, so no, not gonna happen. this is one of those “only happen in hentai” kinda story.
    and also, happy new year!

  2. This is a strange one. But it is not that bad. I would say that despite the fact that she still loves her husband she knows that she will always have strong feelings for the father of children, knowing that he is a good man at heart.

    KLN B)

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