[Naruco Hanaharu] Ubu-Chu! (COMIC Kairakuten 2010-06)


Here’s a short work I had a hand in. It’s a joint between myself and EdMX from Genesis Translations by way of Team Vanilla (aka. the go-between). EdMX provided the translation as well as did all the cleaning work. So the only thing I was responsible for was the typesetting. A pretty simple job for me for the most part. In any case, this a short work by Naruco Hanaharu.

Surely, this artist must be familiar to a great many number of people. Maybe you’ve read her Shoujo Material book that was translated by FAKKU a long, long time ago (grab it from this thread), or the various and numerous one-shots that are floating around like this one done by FUKE just recently. If you haven’t seen any of Naruco Hanaharu’s work, shame on you! You’ve been missing out. Change that quickly for I, Afro Thunda, demand it! Anyway, on to the description and dl link that doesn’t exist anymore due to take down request below.

So in this small chapter, we have Satou Mika who wants to deliver a love letter to her school’s student council president, but she only makes it as far as his vice-president, Asaoka. When Asaoka delivers the letter to the president, they then plan a little something in order to make Mika the “ideal girlfriend” for him… A group sex session with two random “lackeys”. Just what could be going through the president’s mind to set something like this up? No worries though, Mika gets a happy ending.

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