(COMIC1☆4) [Nozarashi (Nozarashi Satoru)] ROYAL Medaka SCRAMBLE (Medaka Box)


And this is the last repost for the Doujin/One-Shots section. This was a doujin I had decided to re-edit because I was unsatisfied with the previous translation and edit job on it. It was done by one of my current favorite artists, so I thought it deserved better than what it got at first. And deserve better it did.

Because I had doubts about the previous translation, I asked Biribiri to be the TL Check. What I got back from him was basically a retranslation. The differences between the two versions are quite…. Well, they’re very different. So if you like, consider this a freebie translation from Biribiri.

In any case, this doujin features a group of the Medaka Box girls, including Medaka herself, being brainwashed by Shiranui (the tiny girl), then gangbanged and trained for nearly a whole year to be auctioned off as pregnant sex slaves to serve their future masters.

Mega | E-Hentai

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