[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 1 (Gutto Onedari)

Nice looking cover, isn’t it? I think I’ll like this manga ^_^

Didn’t think I’d be back with another release so soon, but here it is. This is the start of a new manga that I’ll be doing with Yoroshii. Of course, with me doing the editing and Yoroshii doing the translating. Judging by what it says on the cover, this seems to be Nukunuku Orange’s first tankoubon, and after a quick skim through the book, I think I’ll thoroughly enjoy working on it. From first glance, there’s lots and lots of anal sex, so if you’re into that (like I am), you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

As for this chapter, it’s really short. It’s only 4 pages long. There’s more extra pages than chapter, so consider it a teaser of what’s to come… Lots and lots of anal sex. Mm yea, can’t wait. Chapter 2 is currently in the editing phase right now as well. So you’ll be able to enjoy a full chapter in a few days, hopefully. But until then, bear with this 4 page chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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