[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 2 (Shizuka’s Long Day)

Nice proportions, nice tan, and a swimsuit top that might as well be string. I am okay with that.

Here’s the next chapter of Gutto Onedari. Translations courtesy of Yoroshii. As I mentioned back when Chapter 1 was released, there would be lots and lots of anal. Well, this chapter is just that, nothing but buttfucking.

Due to her body’s special condition, Shizuka, the ace of her swim team, lactates. During swim camp one day, she reaches her limit and rushes off to milk herself only to be caught in the act by the pervert, Kousaya. Cue blackmail. Now they’re at the beach. Kousaya promised Shizuka they wouldn’t do anything ecchi, so all he does is apply oil over her body… and breasts. Unfortunately for Shizuka though, her body’s become extra sensitive and starts getting off from having oil applied on her. Things are made worse when Kousaya calls in two of his buddies to help out with their ace’s body. But it’s just applying oil, and even though she’s getting off from it, it isn’t “ecchi”, so says Shizuka. It’s win-win for her… until she has to lactate.

Chapter 2

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