[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 3 (The Blue Girl)

She’s an Ojou-sama.

After a quite a bit of a hiatus (last release was in December), here’s the next chapter of Gutto Onedari. We have a teacher and his student, a quiet Ojou-sama. Also, contains a pretty nice footjob scene in the beginning.

Translations courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. If you remember what I said back when Chapter 1 was released, about there being lots and lots of buttfucking, that still holds true for this chapter. And really, the entire book. I love it already. So yea, if you like buttfucking like I do, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this book. Anyway, description and links below.

Tsubaki Erisa is an Ojou-sama, and because of that, she’s very quiet and doesn’t talk with the other students at all. Seeing this, her teacher decides to try and help her fit in with the class. He gets the chance to do so when she unexpectedly takes up a responsibility in class. And so begins her transformation from quiet girl to jealous, clingy girl.

After class one day, while giving aforementioned nice footjob, Erisa makes kind of an impossible request of her teacher: “Stop taking pleasure in talking to the other female students!” Either that or she won’t let him cum, so he agrees. After cumming, he can no longer hold back and decides to have sex with her, but wait! She’s an Ojou-sama, so she has to save her “purity” for when she’s married. But he has the perfect solution to that problem: Fuck her in the Ass! Crisis averted.

DL Link: Chapter 3

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2 thoughts on “[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 3 (The Blue Girl)

  1. HI,afro, you are going to translate all of this fantastic manga chapters? kon-kit is too much fun and a great artist … there are many of his works that have not been translated yet on hexhentai website…if you want I could give you the exact link where to find them … would you be interested? : D

    1. First things first, I am but a humble editor who only gets by on the good graces of the translators that are willing to help me out a.k.a. I don’t translate.

      In any case, Yoroshii’s agreed to help me finish the Kon-Kit manga, so patience is all that’s needed now. It will get done.

      As for Gutto Onedari, it will be completed as well. It was Yoroshii’s project to begin with and he asked if I’d like to edit. Of course, I accepted. So yea, overall, patience is what’s needed as we make our way through these mangas.

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