[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 4 (The Careless Nurse)

Time for a little bit of Nurse action

After yet another hiatus (last release was in April), here’s chapter 4 of Gutto Onedari. Sure is a slow rate of release for this project, isn’t it? My apologies to those who are looking forward to this manga. And the slow rate seems set to continue with Yoroshii’s recent absence.

As many of you likely already know, his last release on his site was at the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve emailed him a few times (most recent being a couple days ago), but he hasn’t responded back, so I can only guess that he’s gotten really busy IRL. Hopefully, he’ll come back to us eventually. Until then, this and the other projects he was helping me with will be back on hiatus. I do have the script for chapter 5 of Gutto Onedari, though, so that’ll see one more release before it goes on hiatus.

In any case, translations courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As with the previous chapters, only straight buttfucking here. As I said, it’s the running theme throughout the whole book. Lovers of ass, rejoice!

So, in this chapter, we have the nurse, Itou Momoka who’s in the middle of her duties. She’s been assigned to clean the bodies of the patients she’s been assigned to. A little bit of carelessness on her part while washing her patient has him pop a raging boner.

Later on, while being assigned rooms to take care of, she finds out that she’ll be looking after Higashiyama, the guy she accidentally gave a boner to earlier. And as luck would have it, she manages to give him another boner while trying to help him pee. The next day, Momoka finds Higashiyama in pain because he hasn’t peed since yesterday. She tries to help him, but again, he pops a boner. This time, though, she’s going to do something about it! And “do something” she does!

I would sure like this kind of service from a girl like this if I were in the hospital. So jealous~

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4 thoughts on “[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 4 (The Careless Nurse)

  1. Hey, what about the chapter 5? If I understood it, the translation is made. Or have you given up this project at once?

    1. Yes, I have a translation for it. It was the last thing Yoroshii sent me before he disappeared into the void. And no, I haven’t given up on it. I was hoping to get a translator to cover for it, but that hasn’t happened as you can obviously tell.

      I guess I should stop sitting on chapter 5. But after it’s done (someday), it’ll be right back on extended hiatus until I manage to do something about it.

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