[Ochigan (Wabuki)] Domigulas Report


And a fourth release for the month of July. Finishing strong. Hopefully I can keep it up going into August.

Anyway, today we have a CG set involving a secret agent psychiker infiltrating the base of an enemy invading Earth. Her mission is to send information about the whereabouts of the enemy base and find out how the process of their supposed brainwashing of human women works. Needless to say, she gets in much too deep.

This was translated by Rinruririn, edited by me, and commissioned by Snowy.

In any case, Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: Mega | E-Hentai

    • geko
    • Aug 7th. 2016 11:46pm

    you can translate the new Nine to Five Lover ‘s ( Narita Kyousha ) ???

    9- Ji Kara 5 -ji Made in Koibito Dai Nana – 1 wa

    9- Ji Kara 5 -ji Made in Koibito Dai Nana – II -wa

    9- Ji Kara 5 -ji Made in Koibito Dai Nana – III -wa

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