[Oohashi Takayuki] World Is Mine Ch. 5 (Gachinko Magical High School)

Chapter 5 of Oohashi Takayuki’s World Is Mine is finally here. A silly story this time around. A series of punishment games gone out of control in this one. Anyway, just two more chapters of this book to go, then it’s finally complete. I should be able to move on to other things that have been severely backlogged after this (I hope).

In any case, this chapter was sponsored by G Just G via the E-H bounty system. The one responsible for handling the translating was xenexegesis. I took care of the editing and QC as usual (with some help from other translators).

Anyway, links and description below.

So, Rinon is in danger of being held back a grade if she doesn’t pass her upcoming high-level magic skills exam. With that in mind, she asks (read: forces) her friend, Elfie, to help her by doing mock magic battles against each other. And the loser has to take part in a punishment game. Of course, Rinon left that little detail out in the beginning. Shenanigans ensue as the punishment games escalate to the point where their teacher gets involved, and he has to administer some ‘discipline’ to his misbehaving students.

DL Link: Chapter 5

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