[Oohashi Takayuki] World Is Mine Ch. 7 (LILITH Collection – Slave Maid Princess) (Complete)

World Is Mine 144

Today marks the end of the first volume of the World Is Mine book. Chapter 7 is another short one-shot story about the Lilith H-game/H-anime Slave Maid Princess. I haven’t seen/played it (though I have the H-anime downloaded), but the gist of it is… Well, I think the title speaks for itself. Think of this chapter as if it were a scene from the game/anime.

Credits for funding this chapter, as well as the whole book via the E-H bounty system, go to G Just G. The one responsible for handling the translation of the entire book was xenexegesis. I took care of the editing and QC, and had assistance from various others on the QC front as well. Another manga completed. The workload decreases by a little more. There is still much I have to do, though.

As mentioned before, the second volume has been commissioned off to SaHa, so I won’t have anything to do with it. So look for him to release at some point in the future.

Anyway, links and description below.

In this chapter, Lotte is turned into a futanari via a drug to learn the pleasures of a man so she can be better able to serve her master, Prince Eric. The sex training then begins.

DL Link: Chapter 7

And since it’s the end of the book, have a link for the whole thing altogether. The only change is that I edited the Table of Contents (page 4) for those who grabbed this chapter by chapter:

Batch Link: Volume 1

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  1. I cannot stop laughing at the line “the gravitational waves I release from my saber are equal to 1000 36-page doujins.” Amazing.

  2. For the batch download, Sendspace has been reporting “The file is not currently available. Our support staff have been notified and we hope to resolve the problem shortly. Please try again later.” for days now.
    Could you please post the TOC somewhere so we can bypass that issue ?

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