[Ooishi Chuuni] W Dessert Ch. 4 (Avatar in the Earth)

Hello there, Mio. Wait a sec! You’re not Mio!

So here’s something I did on a whim after seeing Ooishi Chuuni’s new book. This is a re-edit of a then magazine chapter that had been commissioned to and translated by Biribiri a long time ago. So it’s sorta/kinda a joint between me and him. There’s three other chapters I’m planning to re-edit from this book, two of them having been translated previously by Biribiri (Do visit his site) as well and another that was translated elsewhere. Those will come in due time. Gotta make progress on some of my other projects first ^_^.

In any case, what we have here is an alien who’s come down to earth in disguise to scout out the human population. Specifically, the human female. His target: Rei. After making “contact” with (tackling) her, he picks up a book on sex which she was carrying that she quickly snatches. From then on, he develops a curiosity in the human reproductive act. With his handy-dandy mind control device, Rei will be his subject. Rei’s friend, Mika, shows up eventually and gets caught up in the situation. But things get out of hand once he cuts his device off and they still want sex…


Now for a little bit of news regarding Yoroshii. As I know most people are aware of by now, Ryuutama’s site, and by extension, Yoroshii’s, Faytear’s, and Zetsurin’s sites (Ryuu hosts them) have been marked as Attack Sites. So until Ryuutama gets that issue sorted out, Yoroshii’s refraining from posting anything for the time being. Hopefully, Ryuu will have that sorted soon. Just thought people should know if they didn’t figure it out already.

4 thoughts on “[Ooishi Chuuni] W Dessert Ch. 4 (Avatar in the Earth)

  1. Woot, thanks for the release. Oh and is everything alright with biribiri? I just went over to their sight to give my thanks as well but their site seems to be down for some reason ๐Ÿ™

    1. I’m not quite sure what the exact issue is with Biri’s site. Something about hosts and nameservers and some such. Stuff that goes completely over my head lol.

      Anyway, I was actually having problems with it myself all day today (well, yesterday for me, technically) until I was finally able to get to it. Don’t know what changed though. So I can tell you that it is indeed still up and running at the very least. But that’s about all I can tell you too.

  2. I really liked what you did with typesetting for this one, especially for when they climax on pages 56 and 57 :3 I think I should make you do some edits every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Haha, well I had to make it look like I did SOME work to improve upon what you had besides shifting text around lol. In any case, if you want to revive one of your older (free) projects through me, I’d be willing to edit for you. I wouldn’t be able to take my time if I were helping with your donor projects :3

      Me = Lazyboy


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