[Ozaki Akira] Hitozuma Bakunyuu Announcer Yuriko-san Vol. 1 (Complete)

Bakunyuu Announcer 000a

Here’s another of Nemui’s previously completed books. A work by Ozaki Akira featuring Yuriko-san, a really busty newscaster and her devoted fan and co-worker, Okita Mamoru. It’s a really silly story, actually. The station Yuriko works for runs entirely on Yuriko wearing clothes that can barely hide her ample bosoms and exposing herself in her newscasts for the whole world to see. Needless to say, this lands her sex most of the time, mostly with Okita one way or another. There’s a few group sex sessions as well. Definitely a lighthearted, uncomplicated read as long as you look past the fact that she’s basically cheating the whole time… But! That’s no deep issue in this manga. So enjoy the antics they get up to in this manga.


Also, I’m aware of the “continuation” of this manga (Hitozuma Announcer Nama-Honban). Nemui did intend to do this at some point, but as you all know by now, he’s disappeared. So I’m left without a translator. I’ll keep it as a potential project since I do intend to do it since Nemui did the first volume, but until I find a translator for it, that won’t happen for a while. Just know I haven’t forgotten about it.

3 thoughts on “[Ozaki Akira] Hitozuma Bakunyuu Announcer Yuriko-san Vol. 1 (Complete)

  1. afro thunda

    i would like you to translate the 2nd volume ASAP and i would like to commisioned it but you see im a poor guy and cant afford to pay you

    if possible can you translate this as fast as possible?

    i have the 2nd volume but it seems ended(?) or theres a possibility of a 3rd volume?

    i put my email for you to see(But dont published it) only you and oliver(hentairules) know my identity

    i would be very happy if you fully translate the 2nd volume though as fast as you could.

    1. Unfortunately, I am not a translator. The only thing I can do is edit. You would have to commission a translator for scripts if you wanted me to do this. FYI: Script-only commissions are far cheaper.

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