(C82) [Type-G (Ishigaki Takashi)] Ore to NanoFei to One Room (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

Here’s the second C82 doujin that has crossed my path, and it just so happens to be the sequel and concluding doujin (supposedly) to a three-part doujin series by Type-G. I’m sure you all remember dat Asstacular Nanoha doujin that was released back in May, right? If not, Why don’t you treat yourself to that too? You won’t be disappointed. Well, unless you’re not a fan of great buttfucking, that is.

Anyway, now we get to find the outcome of Fate catching her husband cheating on her with Nanoha. My first thoughts? Luckiest S.O.B. in the entire Nanoha-verse! *Ahem* I think my only disappointment with this doujin is that there’s no preggo Fate/Nanoha end. I was looking forward to that so much after the second part T_T. That would have been awesome way to end this. Oh well.

In any case, the translation for this doujin was handled by Wrathkal of Team Vanilla. The same translator who handled the previous 2 parts in the series. The guys over at Team Vanilla also helped and provided QC. Short description and Links below.

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[Sakaki Utamaru] Nuki x Sen Ch. 5 (Sweaty Sister)

Here’s another helping of Sakaki Utamaru’s thick, healthy women. This time, we have some sweat fetish, brother/sister incest sex going on. Just a little something to cool down with while I wait for that C82 Nanoha doujin to make its way through QC. I think I’m just gonna power through to the end of Gun Tribe now as well since my original plans got all wrecked when C82 happened. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have fulfilled them anyway, but good thing C82 is here to be my scapegoat ^_^

In any case, credits for the translation go to Brolen. And the editing was handled by myself and Torn.

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(C82) [NiseMIDIdoronokai (Ishikei)] ATARI (Accel World)

Today’s release is an Accel World doujin drawn by NiseMIDIdoronokai (Ishikei, for non-doujin material). If you’ve been around for a good long while, this artist ought to be a household name to you. He/She definitely has some of the best artwork around, in my opinion. And this doujin is no exception. Anyway, as for the source material, I’ve heard of the manga/anime, but have yet to actually start reading/watching. So I have no knowledge of the series, but this doujin doesn’t exactly touch on any canon material, as expected of NiseMIDI ^_^

The translation for this doujin was provided by Warp2243 of Team Vanilla. The guys over at Team Vanilla also helped and provided QC. Short description and Links below.

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[Jin] Fujun Kouyuu (COMIC Megastore 2010-07)

And another random release. This time, a one-shot manga chapter from July 2010 issue of Comic Megastore. By a relatively recently popular artist too. Jin is the artist behind this one-shot today. If you’re familiar with MTSP’s doujin work, you’ll likely recognize the artwork. That is because MTSP is Jin’s doujin work name.

Unlike his popular (in my opinion) Fate/Stay Night doujin series, Tohsaka-ke no Jijou, and his Sakiko-san original doujins, this one-shot is very tame compared to those. Yes, there is cheating, hence the tag, but it’s no where close to the main focus. Just a teacher getting it on with her student.

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you once again by Lasertym, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. The translation this time was provided by Kamikakushi, who I believe is the same one linked in my link list on the right. In any case, I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. And for a fourth time now, Lasertym has made me feel special. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

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[Nukunuku Orange] Gutto Onedari Ch. 4 (The Careless Nurse)

Time for a little bit of Nurse action

After yet another hiatus (last release was in April), here’s chapter 4 of Gutto Onedari. Sure is a slow rate of release for this project, isn’t it? My apologies to those who are looking forward to this manga. And the slow rate seems set to continue with Yoroshii’s recent absence.

As many of you likely already know, his last release on his site was at the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve emailed him a few times (most recent being a couple days ago), but he hasn’t responded back, so I can only guess that he’s gotten really busy IRL. Hopefully, he’ll come back to us eventually. Until then, this and the other projects he was helping me with will be back on hiatus. I do have the script for chapter 5 of Gutto Onedari, though, so that’ll see one more release before it goes on hiatus.

In any case, translations courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As with the previous chapters, only straight buttfucking here. As I said, it’s the running theme throughout the whole book. Lovers of ass, rejoice!

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[Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 16 (The Den of Thieves and the Rescue)

We have chapter 16 of Gun Tribe today (15th part of the story), sponsored by Wrldtrvlr and translations courtesy of Tadanohito as per usual. The rescue Maty plan is in full swing now.

As many of you may know, C82 should have wrapped up already. I expect to start seeing C82 doujins popping up fairly soon (a couple have already shown up). As you also may know, I edit for Little White Butterflies and Team Vanilla too, and they do “Comiket Rush” translations at about this time when the bulk of stuff begins surfacing.

With that being said, since I take part in this (like I did for C81), don’t be surprised if the regularly scheduled stuff gets put on hold for a little while I work on the “higher priority” C82 stuff for LWB/TV.

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(Reitaisai 9) [Ark Emerald (Nanase Mizuho)] Kaze wa Furi 3 (Touhou Project)


Bow down before the loli Goddess~

Today’s release is a Touhou doujin. The 3rd part in a series by this artists. Funny enough, this part is much, much different (and unrelated) to the previous parts. The first two dealt with Sanae Rape, this one deals with sex with Suwako.

This was a joint effort between Wrathkal of Team Vanilla who kindly provided the translation, and myself who took care of the editing. Also, we’re aware that this was previously done by another translator, but considering said ‘translator’s’ track record on the scene… Well, duped translations are welcomed more often than not. Also, Wrathkal had already punched out the script a long time ago. So there ya have it. In any case, links and description below.

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(C71) [Kemokomoya (Komori Kei)] Squishy Saber-san Nyaa (Fate/Stay Night)

And another random release. We have today the continuation of that Fate/Stay Night doujin featuring Saber. Quite simple yet again. Now, they get to the buttfucking. After some more enema play, that is. The session is almost spoiled by an intruding Rin and Sakura, but they leave Shirou and Saber alone to… fix the toilet (it’s their excuse).

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you once again by Lasertym, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. Translation was provided by Krymsun, just like the last Saber doujin. I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. And for a third time, Lasertym has made me feel special. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

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(COMIC1☆6) [BLACK DOG (Kuromoinu no Kemono)] Asama-sama Is Being Shot (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon)

Here’s another entry in the string of random doujins, Black Dog’s latest doujin from COMIC1☆6, a Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon doujin. Kind of a funny doujin seeing how the main girl (above) is reading doujins of herself. Yo dawg? Also, there’s a second, unrelated part as well. I need to watch the anime one of these days. I was told it was pretty decent.

In any case, the translation was sponsored by Dynellen by way of the E-H bounty system, and said translation was provided by Rookie84. I’m aware of another version having gone up a couple days ago (Found Here), but since I was asked to do the editing and got the script over a week ago, it seemed like a waste to scrap their efforts. For the record, I would have continued anyway, after all, between me and you all (the visitors), I think I did the better job… But that’s just me. You all can be the judge of that. Anyhoos, description and links below.

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[Tomoe Tenbu] In Her Crack Ch. 12 (Let This Flower Bloom) (Complete)

In Her Crack 189

Guess which one’s the jealous twin~

And finally, after almost 2 years (according to MangaUpdates), this manga comes to an end with this final chapter. Fitting that it goes out the same way it opened: with good ol’ fashion rape. Rape of the twins variety at that. Anyhoos, call me a liar cuz I said it wouldn’t be a long wait for this chapter, but yet a whole month has already past since the release of the last chapter… What can I say, I clearly got sidetracked along the way T_T

In any case, this marks the first of Faytear’s projects to be completed by me. That just leaves me with Kanjyuku and Gun Tribe to finish (each with 4 chapters remaining). I suspect I’ll be finishing up Gun Tribe relatively soon. Can’t say the same for Kanjyuku, though. My aim is to finish both in August before my next college semester starts. But as I’ve blatantly proven, my word means nothing, and with C82 looming around the corner, things may yet again be pushed back. We’ll see how it all goes down. I’ll do my best!

Now then, as for credits, translation for chapter 1 goes to the MIA DGB. Translations for chapters 2-12 go to Tadanohito, who took over after DGB. Editing credits for chapters 1-7 go to the now retired Faytear, and myself for chapters 8-12, picking up where he left off. And last, but not least, credits for sponsoring the translation of the book go to Faytear, Zathael, and Setebos, who if not for their initial contributions, this book would have likely never been translated. So a big thank you to all of them, wherever they may be lurking nowadays. Links and Description below.

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