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Title: Antique Romantic Vol. 3
Author: Hazuki Kaoru

Title: Antique Romantic Vol. 2
Author: Hazuki Kaoru

    • Slimonce
    • Sep 21st. 2012 1:51pm

    Oh man, so looking forward to the day Hitozuma Announcer Nama Honban get’s translated. Ozaki Akira’s style is Uber Epic!

    • raj
    • May 15th. 2013 2:18am

    when will u guys start translating Hitozuma Announcer Nama Honban

    • Not anytime soon since the translator I spoke to about doing it with me hasn’t responded back about plans for it.

        • raj
        • May 17th. 2013 3:03am

        so can’t u guys talk to someone else

    • ret
    • Sep 16th. 2013 4:47pm

    when will you do those two hazuki kaoru’s antique romantic??

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