[Quzilax] Loli to Bokurano Ch. 3 (Farewell Kanda-sensei)

LoliBoku 056

After another excruciatingly long wait, chapter 3 of Quzilax’s loli manga is here. Sure hope no one’s been waiting for this… Not too many people, that is… <_<

Excuses aside, this chapter focuses on a struggling mangaka who’s decided that the only way to make progress on his loli manga is to kidnap a real loli and use her as reference material. Of course, that means fucking her brains out, all for the sake of his loli manga. Such a noble goal *nod nod*.

Translation and editing was handled by biribiri, and I took care of the typesetting. The scans of this manga are provided by Kalevala as well.

Link Below.

DL Link: Chapter 3

    • IHH
    • Oct 10th. 2014 8:13am

    Sweet, always nice to see a quzilax release 🙂

    • juubi
    • Oct 21st. 2014 5:56am

    hey, i am waiting for mtsp tachibana summay, when you will realese this manga? i hopo you translate all vols..

    • I’m not doing it. Someone else is more likely to do it than I am.

    • juubi
    • Oct 21st. 2014 9:51pm

    why? you have translated this manga until vol 3, right?

    • I did not. The only thing of the series I did was the little 12-page supplement.

    • juubi
    • Oct 21st. 2014 9:52pm

    or, i think you can translated all linda project artwork..

  1. hey, where are you?

    • Serial R.ist
    • Oct 27th. 2014 8:24pm

    The 1st thing I notice on the thumbnail, A schoolgirl getting raped by a middle-aged man
    Then I read the description *BLARGHHHHHHHH
    *faps due to pedophilia

    I’m guessing this won’t be released on FAKKU?

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