[Red-Rum] Love Doll Ch. 5 (Navy Baby)

School Swimsuit + Big Tits? Works for me.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Something by Red-Rum because, personally, I like his drawing style a lot. Healthy looking girls with big breasts. I sure do like it when an artist draws girls with a little extra meat on their bones. Makes them look soft to the touch… I like that.

In any case, this was an H-manga that Nemui and I had set out to finish a long time ago, but he was only able to get me two chapters before disappearing. I was sad… But enough of that for now. Here’s chapter 5 translated by Nemui. Chapter 1-4 (a Futanari story) were done by SaHa a long, long time ago. So you can go there to pick them up. Or wait until the whole book is finished and get the batch from me. It’s all win for you guys no matter what you choose. Also of note is that Yoroshii has stepped in to cover the last 2 chapters for me (bless that man’s heart T_T), so this will get done in due time.

As for this chapter in question though, it’s basically a flashback story since it opens up with the girl, Momoka, already being a sex slave to her unnamed shady-looking underclassmen. So we find out how she ended up in her present situation. Getting caught during “alone” time in the girls’ locker room is always bad news, it seems.

Thanks to the eagle eyes of 2Hip, I’ve had to do a v2 to include the missing Real page 93 due to my careless mistake. So because of messed up file naming if I were to up the page itself, I ask people to dl the whole chapter again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

DL Link: Chapter 5

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    1. Haha, actually, that’s my fault. I was going through and making changes, but since I didn’t make changes to that page, I didn’t resave it into a new folder with the other pages, so it got missed lol.

      Anyway, thanks for your eagle eyes as always. Reupping.

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