[Red-Rum] Love Doll Ch. 6 (Maid-Slave)

And now, a big-breasted girl in maid cosplay.

Moving along with another chapter of Red-Rum’s Love Doll. This was translated by Nemui before his sudden disappearance. This time, featuring a brother and sister. Two chapters to go finish this book.

After being dragged along to a Maid Cafe after school, Keita sees a familiar face working there. His sister, Suzuna. Shocked at the discovery, he rushes home. There, he begins to draw his own conclusion as for the reason she’s working such a job. Of course, he believes it to be a sex shop. Oh glorious misunderstandings! When Suzuna returns home, he takes his frustrations out on her by making her dress up in her maid outfit and fucking her. I guess that’s the only way to show someone you hate their job in hentai. Kudos to Suzuna for “preserving” their brother-sister relationship by offering up her ass instead of her pussy. But it still gets used though. And this is where “This chapter also contains improper use of cooking utensils” comes in.

Chapter 6

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