[Red-Rum] Love Doll Ch. 7-8 (Complete)

A Nurse and an Office Lady, both with huge tits. I like.

This marks the second Christmas release for the day here. Though I say “Christmas,” there’s nothing Christmas-y about these chapters. Just two chapters featuring a big-titted nurse and office lady. But still! It’s good stuff in my skewed opinion, so forgive me if anyone tends to disagree. In any case, with these two chapters, this completes the Love Doll book. As mentioned last month, chapters 1-4 (a story featuring a futa) were done by SaHa a long time ago. Chapters 5-6 were done by the MIA Nemui. And Yoroshii, who I should honestly be a personal slave to right now for all his help, provided the translations for these last two chapters. Well, if you aren’t particularly fond of this release, don’t worry. The happy comes later on after this with the next release. In any case, continue on for descriptions and the links.

In chapter 7 (Haruka Karte), a doctor, jealous of how well nurse (and his sex slave) Haruka and the patient she’s assigned to, a young boy, are getting along, decides to “help” jump start their relationship by tricking Haruka during one of their sex plays. And the boy ends up being caught in the middle of it all and is subsequently shown Haruka’s true colors in the process, an anal-loving sex fiend.

In chapter 8 (Sweets Suit), a guy wandering around at night gets called out to by a female exhibitionist, and they end up masturbating to each other outside. She ends up purposely leaving the “evidence” of their encounter outside where people would see it. The next day, the woman, in regular clothing now (she’s given no name), comes across a group of people gathered around the “evidence” she left and gets a little flustered. It’s only later on that gets her into trouble though. While on her way home, she gets her purse snatched. When she catches up to the guy, she recognizes him and blows her cover. Then he realizes that she was the one he was with the night before. As payback for stabbing him with her high heel, he decides to continue where they left off.

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  1. still cant figure out how to download at minus it keeps taking me to the main page instead of downloading

    1. Ah, that’s because it stopped being a download site a while ago. I just haven’t updated the links on the post yet, but you can find links to the chapters or book on the Completed Manga page.

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