(Reitaisai 10) [JUNK x JUNK (kojou)] The Incident of the Black Shrine Maiden ~Part 2~ (Touhou Project)


Here’s part two of the brown Reimu story. This time, just one-on-one time for one lucky guy and brown Reimu, and Reimu gets first row seats via dream vision this time around.

Like the previous one, this was translated by Rinruririn. He was commissioned by qazmlpok, and I took care of the editing at his request.

Still fighting a severe case of the lazy bug brought on by a whole lot of gaming. Trying to curb that, but it’s so hard T_T

In any case, Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

    • Ehud
    • Jul 25th. 2014 4:04am

    Many thanx Afro and everyone involved.

    • ???
    • Jul 27th. 2014 7:14pm

    Thanks, Afro. Did the commissioner request all three volumes?

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