(Reitaisai 11) [Batsu Jirushi (Batsu)] xLetty VxV (Touhou Project)


Here’s another Touhou doujin, this time, featuring Letty Whiterock, the living embodiment of Winter. pesu took care of the translation, but it was me who took care of the editing this time. His usual go-to guy flaked out on him on this. You know who you are! Well, I can’t talk much since it took me a while to get this done.

Anyway, in this one, a lucky shota stumbles upon the plump, sleeping figure of Letty. And just like any sensible shota who happens upon a sleeping woman, he proceeds to strip her and stick his dick in her mouth. Yup. Kids sure are bold these days. Well, after Letty finishes playing ‘sleeping beauty’, she turns the tables on her little shota assailant~

As mentioned before, pesu handled the translation, and I doubled as the editor and QC this time around.

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DL Link: Sendspace | ExHentai

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    1. I’m so surprised that no one has translated Ch.6 after all this time. Especially since so many people wanna see it done! Hope someone does it soon.

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