(Reitaisai 8) [Animal Passion (Yude Pea)] Hell Raven Rises Early, Night Sparrow Oversleeps (Touhou Project)

Raven and Sparrow 001

Time for another Touhou doujin courtesy of pesu and Ean. This time, a doujin featuring Reiuji Utsuho and Mystia Lorelei. Quite an unusual combo, right? Or maybe it’s just me.

Another simple one here. Utsuho and Mystia are living together. Utsuho wants Mystia to wake up, but when she ignores her, Utsuho takes it upon herself to get her up. Yuri, then futa lovemaking ensues.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: DepositFiles | E-Hentai

    • kserox
    • Mar 30th. 2013 1:57am

    Did you like that one, Afro? What exactly do you think about (touhou) yuri and lovemaking stuff?

    • It was alright. Not really anything too exciting for me though. For yuri in general, I don’t mind it, but it’s not really my thing. Usually too soft for my tastes, and rather boring to me. When the girls start getting rough with each other though, that’s when I start to enjoy it more :3

      For Touhou yuri, I’m quite fond of it. I do like seeing two (or more) Touhou girls going at it. But still suffers from what I mentioned above.

    • kserox
    • Apr 28th. 2013 4:05am

    You can also fix the gallery link I guess…

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