(Reitaisai 9) [Fukutsuu Okosu (Kaiou)] Nemurii (Touhou Project)


I side with the “Plump Patchouli” faction.

Here’s a Touhou doujin featuring Touhou’s resident bookworm, Patchouli Knowledge. Anybody else prefer the plump Patchouli? I know I sure do. Plump girls… Delicious. In any case, this Touhou doujin was a joint project between Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies and myself.

Still on vacation, but I took this doujin before actually reaching my destination and finished it a few days ago. To my surprise though, where I’ve been staying doesn’t offer free internet (which is bullshit), so I haven’t had internet access for the last week and few days.

Luckily, I’ve managed to get a connection long enough to post this doujin ^_^. I should be back to normal operating business in another week (maybe), so hang tight until then. Stuff is being worked on in the meantime.

In this doujin, Patchouli has just successfully summoned a demon, but when he asks what she wishes him to do, he’s none too satisfied with her request. Knowing that he can’t defeat her in direct combat, he decides to get his payment by having his way with her in her sleep and dreams. That’s pretty thorough work, isn’t it?

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