(Reitaisai 9) [Katamichi Kippu (Mikage Sekizai)] MOON TIME (Touhou Project)

Reimu with big tits? Yes, Please :3

And here’s yet another Touhou doujin, courtesy of pesu and Ean. Seems they’ve been on a roll as of late. There will be more to come from them in due time. This time, it’s a Reimu x Remilia doujin where Remi is a cute little loli vampire Futa (a little bit Tsundere too). It’s a pretty simple, uncomplicated doujin. Reimu finds out the reason why her face has been feeling dry recently after waking up in the mornings. Oh, and apparently Reimu’s gotten into Eirin’s shady drugs again to nerf her tits. She’s gifted with a pretty nice pair in this doujin lol.

In other news, I do believe this will be the final release of year 2012 here. So I’ll be seeing you all in 2013 in the next 15 hours (for me). Hope you all enjoy it!

In any case, Links and ExH Gallery below.

DL Link: DepositFiles | ExHentai

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