(Reitaisai 9) [Nahabaru (Mae)] 100/2 (Touhou Project)

Deliciously Huge-Breasted Tiger Tits? I Am Okay With This~

Here’s yet another Touhou doujin. Has it become clear yet that I am quite fond of Touhou? Anyway, this time, the Gensokyo’s resident Tiger youkai, Toramaru Shou, takes center stage.

This was a joint effort between Wrathkal of Team Vanilla who kindly provided the translation, and myself who took care of the editing. I really do like this artist. Nahabaru has great art and draws some of the most epic tits (Mah favorite pic so far: Kasen Tits <3. Sweet Jesus!). I certainly wouldn’t mind editing more of his work if given the opportunity. Anyway, Link and description below.

So, the story starts at Myouren Temple where Toramaru Shou is in heat, to the surprise Byakuren and Nazrin because it hasn’t happened for a while. It appears that her contact with her boyfriend has caused it to resurface.

So, in order to deal with it, he’s going to have to give Shou lots and lots of lovin’, which is a tall order considering “A tiger in heat has sex a hundred times in two days” ~Nazrin. Not to worry though, a “Stat Boost” courtesy of Byakuren is gonna help him overcome that marathon… or at least it was supposed to.

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