(Reitaisai 9) [Nounai Kanojo (Kishiri Toworu)] Listen to Me, I’m Yukari! (Touhou Project)


Enter Loli Yukarin~ And with her, the plot doth thicken~

Here’s something the Touhou fandom’s probably been looking forward to. This here’s the 8th part of Nounai Kanojo’s Touhou doujin series (though there’s 10 total doujins dedicated to the series as of this release). As evidenced by the cover pic above, it’s loli form Yukari’s turn now to take center stage. If you’ve been following this series since the first part like I have, this part will surely raise some questions. I’m certainly curious about where Nounai Kanojo’s trying to take this story.

This was a joint effort between Kinsei of UMAD Scans who resurfaced to translate this doujin, myself who took care of the editing, and Team Vanilla who provided QC. Link and description below.

In the last part, after Satori exorcised the spirit that was possessing him, Nanashi returned to the Hakurei Shrine only to find a collapsed Reimu. While trying to figure out what happened, Reimu tells him that Yukari’s been defeated. So, on Reimu’s request, Yakumo Ran escorts Nanashi to Yukari’s place. And there, he encounters Yukari, but she isn’t physically the same as when they first met.

She’s reverted to a loli form due to the weakening of her barrier and the degeneration of her abilities. The reason? A lack of self-confidence. Well then, I bet you can tell what Nanashi is gonna be using to restore it, yes? But that’s only the part that leads up to the sex. There’s some important story elements that get revealed as well, but I won’t spoil those parts for you. Do enjoy~

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    • Mangahiru
    • Jun 26th. 2012 8:55am

    Since this is 8th in the series of 10(so far), can we please get a list of names of the ones before this so other people (myself included) can catch up from the beginning

      • Yuppe=D
      • Aug 24th. 2012 5:41am

      1. Cirno Showed Up at My House!
      2. Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine
      3. Part Time Job With Youmu at Hakugyokurou
      4. Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ First Quarter Moon
      5. Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ Second Quarter Moon
      6. Remilia’s Challenge
      7. The Melancholy of Marisa Kirisame
      8. Listen To Me! I’m Yukari
      I’m still searching for more, as a lolicon i love his series and his artwork =D

        • Weee
        • Sep 15th. 2012 12:12am

        Actually the series so far goes as follows:

        0 – Cirno Showed up at my House! (Cirno)
        1 – Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine (Reimu/Suika)
        2 – Part Time With Youmu at Hakugyohurou (Youmu)
        3 – Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ First Quarter Moon (Tewi)
        4 – Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ Second Quarter Moon (Reisen)
        5 – Remilia’s Challenge (Remilia)
        6 – The Melancholy of Marisa Kirisame (Marisa)
        6.5 – Cheerful Companions of the Geyser (Rin/Utsuho)
        7 – Satori Can’t Make Any Friends (Satori)
        8 – Listen to Me! I’m Yukari (Yukari)

          • tyu
          • Sep 6th. 2015 3:47am

          thanks mate that was a big help!

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