(Reitaisai 9) [Ruiketsuan (Namidame)] Teach Me With Your Anus, Patchouli (Touhou Project)


My Patchy-sensei’s Ass Can’t Be This Plump~ The ‘Plump Patchouli’ faction returns!

And finally, after what seems like forever since I was asked if I wanted to do this, it’s done. I’ve been sitting on this for quite a while now (i.e., since September…). Well, a lot of things came up, so I kept pushing it back in favor of doing other edits. Kinda regret it now since the artwork was so good, plus it was straight buttfucking. Mah favorite :3

So, the artist for this doujin is Ruiketsuan (aka. Namidame), an artist I’m about to get quite acquainted with fairly soon. My fave fetish: Buttfucking. His main fetish: Buttfucking. I don’t think it’s hard to tell why I like this artist a lot. Also, did I mention that the artwork is great? +1 for Plump Patchouli. I’ll be working on another Touhou doujin from this artist sooner or later. In fact, I’ve already got the script for it. Just have to make time for it.

This was a joint effort between Anonygoo of Anonymous Blob who kindly provided the translation and was patient enough to deal with my procrastination, and myself who took care of the editing. And once again, this doujin was bought and scanned by Kalevala of Kalevala Scans (Same guy who provided me with This Gem.) So big props to him for letting us use his personal scans.

So, Meiling finds a kid out in the woods near the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Turns out he’s no ordinary kid as he’s got lots of magic power, so Remilia calls Patchouli in and asks her to take him on as her apprentice.

She uncharacteristically enthusiastically accepts and begins the teaching quickly, but it soon shows that her strict teaching methods aren’t going over so well. So Koakuma tells her to try offering him a reward for doing well, so Patchouli does just that. Immediate results were had, now time for that reward… Dat oh so delicious reward~

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    • Dec 2nd. 2012 5:33am

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this one because of the name for months now.

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