(Reitaisai 9) [Satetsu, Hyouju Issei] Touhou Sleep Sex Anthology Ch. 1-2 (Touhou Project)

Now here’s something completely random, a Touhou anthology featuring various Touhou girls getting fucked in their sleep. As this is an anthology, there’s a variety of artists, but some don’t really make the cut. So if you’re expecting the whole thing to get done, wash that from your minds now.

In any case, the only involvement I have in this project is that I provided QC on the request of the translator and editor, and that I offered them my site to post up their work. The translator in question is pesu while the one responsible for the editing was Ean. As mentioned above, some stories will be skipped. This was a decision made by pesu and Ean.

In any case, Links and Description below.

The first two chapters were done by Satetsu and Hyouju Issei, respectively. The first, Satetsu’s, part involves a guy enticing Rumia with drugged food, then having his way with her as she sleeps. The second, Hyouju Issei’s, part involves an angry parent come to get justice for Keine’s rendition of corporal punishment on his child. He finds her sleeping, so he decides to take advantage of her for his revenge.

DL Link: Chapter 1-2 | ExHentai

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