(Reitaisai SP2) [Kamikadou (Ginyou Haru)] Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan 01 (Touhou Project)


Touhou’s Tengu Squad gets some good lovin’, though a wee bit forced on Momiji and Hatate…

Here’s the first part to the Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan series, which, for some reason, managed to come out after the 2nd and 3rd parts, hence why the translations followed suit. Anyway, being that this was a full color doujin with nothing but transparent bubbles, it proved to be a significant time sink indeed… It took me a whole week to finish T_T. But it was something I had promised to do months ago, so I had to suffer through it. Good to be finished with it. Now, it’s time to go back to my H-manga projects. Yay!

In any case, this Touhou doujin brought to you by Warp2243 of Team Vanilla, who did the translating, and myself. You can pick up the 2nd part from here (since I edited it). You can pick up the 3rd part from Team Vanilla (released during C81, which I didn’t edit). Despite the titles, there appear to be no continuity or connection between the three. So consider them standalone stories.

And if you want even more from this artist, here’s a Reimu doujin and one with Yuuka, Tenshi, and Youmu, both of which I edited. Anyway, continue on for the description and the link.

In this doujin, we have random male #1, let’s call him “MC” plotting, along with Gensokyo’s resident reporter, Shameimaru Aya, to begin the Gensokyo Paradise (Harem) Transformation Plan. Their first victims… I mean, first volunteers are an unsuspecting Momiji and Hatate, who was just passing by and saw a potential ‘scoop’ in the making.


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