[Rocket Monkey] I Want to Become Prettier (COMIC Megastore-H 2012-07)


Aw man… It feels like forever since I last released something that I actually edited myself. And looking back, it has been a while. Just about a month almost, and only the 2nd release for the month… Terrible, I know. Well, ya know, circumstances and such like finals at the beginning of this month. But! That wasn’t the only reason for the huge gap in releases.

Today’s release takes a good portion of the blame as well because it required so much work for just a mere 20 pages. Redraws… REDRAWS EVERYWHERE!!! But I had to do it, mainly because this release is something I picked up to do waaay back in September 2012, but just managed to get to it in the beginning of May 2013. Talk about putting things on the back burner, right? It’s finally done though, and it’s hawt!

In other news, I’ve finished up the next chapter of Bokunchi no Mikage-san and have sent that off to YQII, so that should show up in a day or two. After the couple of Touhou doujins I have listed on the right get done, I’ll be attempting to get back to my various manga projects that have been severely backlogged for what seems like ages. We shall see how things go.

This was a joint project between myself, who took care of the editing as per usual, and Vaako Benihime of LWB, who took care of the translation. My apologies to him for holding this thing hostage. QC was handled by the folks over at LWB as well.

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So we have a housewife, Sanae, who just bought some brand new underwear to show off to her husband, Kazuya, in hopes of getting him the mood for some hot and sweaty lovemaking during the night (it’s been a while for them, after all), but he doesn’t take the bait at all. Being the good wife she is, she believes the problem is with her body and her not being pretty enough, so she decides to do something about it in hopes of rekindling their love life.

Enter the leaflet for a free trial massage at a spa. Sanae, believing she’s found the answer to her problems, signs right up and gets prepared to get her massage, but as luck would have it, the only masseuses available at the moment are two boys. She wants to leave, but with a little smooth talk, they get her to stay.

The massage starts off normal enough, but then they turn things up a few notches really quickly. She resists at first, but once they give her what she hasn’t had in a while, Sanae’s getting the best “massage” she’s ever had, and loving every second of it. All of this for the sake of getting prettier for her husband~

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