[Sakaki Utamaru] Nuki x Sen Ch. 1 (My Childhood Friend)

Sakaki Utamaru. Expect plump, healthy girls with big tits and fat asses.
Deliciously big tits and fat asses…

Back again with another release after a bit of a break (School has resumed for me). This time, I’m bringing the first chapter of Nuki x Sen by Sakaki Utamaru. If you’ve read any of his previous books (there’s 3 translated), then you already know what to expect from him. If you haven’t, that cover above and its caption is about all you really need to know. You’ll find nothing but thick women in this. As for myself, I am okay with that.

Anyway, as this was originally Fayt’s project, the credits for the translations go to Brolen. And this time, I didn’t take part in the editing. The one who took care of the editing was Torn. I only looked the chapter over and fixed some mistakes. Description and Link below.

In other news, another one of Fayt’s projects has landed in my lap. Once I clear my current queue (as seen under the shoutbox), it’ll show up in the lineup. Also, along with that, a couple older projects will be getting restarted after long hiatuses as well. April’s looking to be a pretty good month already ^_^

When Mika caught a glimpse of her childhood friend, Naoki, talking with another girl and handing her a gift, she decides to sneak in to his room in order to find something to ruin their relationship with. That is, until she happens upon the same kind of bag Naoki gave the other girl. Of course, she takes a look and discovers a rather revealing cosplay outfit inside, and naturally, she has to try it on. Enter Naoki. He’s got some splainin’ ta do now. Will it be enough to calm Mika? And let’s not forget that she’s still wearing that cosplay outfit *wink wink*

DL Link: Chapter 1

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  1. Thanks a lot for this,Afro…ever since i read his works(Muchi Navi is my fav),i realized that i LOVE plump girls 😀

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