[Sakaki Utamaru] Nuki x Sen Ch. 2 (Today’s School Infirmary)

Time for some Teacher action.

Time for some more thick women courtesy of Sakaki Utamaru today. This time, we have a teacher-student pair. Credits for the translation goes to Brolen. Torn took care of the editing again while I took care of QC.

In other news, I was planning to have finished chapter 3 of M Kyoushi Mochizuki-Sensei already, but I’ve been a terrible slacker the last few days. I blame Biribiri. That is all. But still, terrible slacking on my part. Gotta fix that. Anyway, links and description below.

When Uehara goes to pick up some printouts from the nurse’s office, she greets him less than warmly. In response, he claims her attitude is because she was rejected at a matchmaking party. She then counters that by pointing that he’s been masturbating at school. Uehara denies it, but the nurse has a sensitive nose and can indeed smell it on him. But him being a young man, he can’t help but masturbate. He’s got to do it 10 times a day… When the nurse hears that, she can’t believe it and has to find out for herself. I’m sure you know where things lead from there, yes?

DL Link: Chapter 2

Previous Chapter: Chapter 1

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  1. Many thanks Brolen, Torn and Afro Thunda.

    Say, can I ask for a favor? When you use Minus, the kind of link you’re using now basically says “this is Afro’s folder, the file you want is #65”. Only, when I paste that link into JDownloader or other download managers, they iterate through all files in the folder and so before starting the download I have to discard 60+ links that I already have downloaded in the past.
    Could you post the link to the single file instead?

    1. Yea, I was wondering why that happened, but I think I just figured out, which subsequently means I’ll be replacing a lot of links since the url’s will change.

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