[Sakaki Utamaru] Nuki x Sen Ch. 3 (Reunion)

Time for some more Sakaki Utamaru Teacher action.

Here’s another chapter of thick women, courtesy of Sakaki Utamaru today. Like in Chapter 2, we have another teacher-student pairing. Credits for the translation go to Brolen. Torn took care of the editing while I took care of QC once again. Starting next chapter, I’ll be handling the editing, so the next chapters will be done in my style, for better or worse ^_^. Anyway, links and description below.

Inui Naomi, a teacher, is just finishing up chastising a few students about the color of their hair when Kandori, another student, comments about her strict demeanor. Soon after, she’s sucking his dick in the guidance office… Wait, what!?

Yup, it turns out that Naomi and Kandori had met previously a year ago through a dating site, and by coincidence, Kandori ended up transferring to the same school Naomi teaches at. Upon meeting, they waste no time in continuing their relationship.

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